The Book

Winner of the non-fiction category in 2022. Best non-fiction book in 2022 by getabstract chosen from over 10,000 books.

Eckhard Jann is a pilot and expert on the causes of accidents. In his book he clearly explains why and how catastrophic mistakes occur – and how they can be avoided. Well-known examples such as the Chernobyl reactor disaster appear in a new light thanks to the easy-to-understand background analyses. Jann manages to create new connections when it comes to safety and good error management and creates aha moments.

This is what the jury said: “Mistakes happen to everyone. And they happen everywhere. But: Anyone who has read Eckhard Jann’s book knows how to deal with it and learn to prevent major catastrophes.”Belén Haefely from getAbstract.

In a complex world, mistakes often have serious consequences. These effects are at the end of an error chain. The book helps you change your perspective and focus on the beginning of the error chain, the ERROR ONE.

  • Learn how accidents happen, why we often behave irrationally and make mistakes.
  • Experience what makes a real error culture and how to build it.
  • Recognize how you can really learn from mistakes and use unimagined potential for improvements.

It brings together aspects of safety management, psychology, error theory and investigation methods and describes them simply and understandably. The book provides lots of background information, clear examples and entertaining anecdotes.

You will then be able to discover ERROR ONE. This allows you to draw the right conclusions and prevent serious wrong decisions, accidents or disasters.