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Error management and error culture in companies

Your speaker: Eckhard Jann

Author, speaker, pilot and consultant – expert in error management and error culture. Award-winning author of the book “Error One: Everything begins for a Reason”

What does it take to develop a modern and functioning error culture?

With lectures, workshops, seminars and individual coaching, we help you change your perspective and focus on the beginning of the chain of errors, ERROR ONE. You will then be able to discover ERROR ONE. This allows you to draw the right conclusions and prevent serious wrong decisions, crises or catastrophes at an early stage.

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In the lectures you will learn…

  • How crises and accidents arise.
  • Why we often behave irrationally and make mistakes.
  • What makes a good error culture.
  • How to introduce and establish professional error management.
  • How to really learn from mistakes.
  • How to use mistakes to create unimagined potential for your company.


Where do the lectures take place?
Individually or at your company.
When do the lectures take place?
We will find an appointment together to suit your needs.
How many participants are possible?
Depending on requirements, but without limit.
How much does a lecture cost?
You will receive an individual offer.

About your speaker:

Eckhard Jann

Eckhard Jann is an author, speaker, consultant and pilot. He has over 25 years of extensive experience as a senior safety, risk and crisis manager in aviation. He has been advising and supporting companies from a wide range of industries for many years. As a renowned expert, he is a welcome speaker at companies, congresses and national and international events.

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